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Laundry Services

Dallas laundry services

Let us pick up your dirty laundry, sort it, pre-treat stains, wash, dry, fold and deliver back to you in one neat, easy package.

Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning Services Dallas

SMU students and local residents love on our reliable dry cleaning services for the fast, accurate, top quality results.

Perfume-Free Detergent

laundry services

Our expertise ensures soft clean laundry that smells fresh, using perfume-free detergents with no dyes to irritate sensitive skin.

Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold Services

Keeping SMU Laundry Cleaner Since 1995

Dallas SMU laundry serviceSince the very beginning, The Washouse Laundry has been on a mission to make life easier for customers living and working in the SMU area of Dallas.

You never have to make another laundry list – The Washouse gets it done for you!

We know how highly you value services that save time and money, and that’s been The Washouse Laundry’s specialty since 1995. Today, our family-owned and operated business continues that tradition of outstanding personal service.

1.39¢ Per Pound Drop-Off Laundry Service

(minimum 10 pounds)

man doing laundry in Dallas

Who has time for laundry? We do.

Doing the laundry is one of life’s ever-present chores. Many SMU students lug laundry baskets down stairs or across campus to stand in line at coin-operated washing machines. Then there’s the problem of knowing how to safely remove tough stains while keeping colors bright and whites white.

Instead of making “Laundry 101” your least-favorite elective, take advantage of the affordable SMU laundry services from The Washouse. Large bundles are our specialty, with the unbeatable drop-off price of $1.39 per pound. You even get a free laundry bag with your first laundry service order!

Dallas SMU laundry serviceDallas has many options for laundry and dry cleaning service, but none as fast and easy as The Washouse.

Our laundry service offers pick up and delivery, making it ultra-convenient for local customers. Even when you have specialty items, oversized items, or delicate fabrics to clean, you can feel confident in the skills of our renowned laundry experts.

We provide hand washing and gentle air drying upon request. We also use perfume-free detergents with no dyes to irritate sensitive skin. We will also be happy to provide additional services such as pressing, dry cleaning and wedding dress preservation.

Laundry Services & More