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Convenient SMU Laundry Service & Dry Cleaners

Our SMU laundry service, The Washouse Laundry, provides several options to assist students, as well as university employees and faculty members. Student life at Southern Methodist University (SMU) is as varied as the students themselves. More than 10,000 attend classes at this private university in Dallas, TX, and almost 2,000 live in the SMU 14 residence halls on campus.

Some SMU students work, some join fraternities and sororities, others play sports, enjoy art, or maybe listen to a certain type of music. One thing is certain, however – they all end up with a pile of dirty laundry. Luckily, The Washouse Laundry is equipped to help SMU students with their common problem.

We also provide pickup and delivery laundry service

Same-day bundle service available

The Washouse also offers affordable wash and fold service when you choose to drop off your laundry. We’ll treat stains, sort, wash, dry, and fold your laundry for pickup at our location the same day if you drop off by 9 AM.

SMU Laundry Also Offers:

• Dry Cleaning
• Delicates
• Comforters (Wash and Fold or Dry Cleaned)

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